Just wanted to say Thank You to you and your crew for making our move so easy.  They had our equipment wrapped, stacked and ready to roll in no time.  Their efforts in getting it unpacked and ready for hand-off allowed us to get everything remounted in about 3 hours.  If I ever need to move a data center again, or know anyone else looking to do that, I would definitely recommend Office Movers, Inc.

AVP of Infrastructure / ITS,
Members 1st Federal Credit Union

"I did not know Office Movers, Inc. provided Tech Services and was very happy with the work of the team.The account manager was very attentive. He emailed me during the 3 days of the move, and called to make sure everything went as planned. Everything arrived safely, and the move was completed hours before I expected. The space was left clean and neat.  I would definitely use Office Movers, Inc. - Tech Services if the need arose in the future."

Practice Administrator ,
Maryland Sports Medicine

Tech Services

Your company's performance is dependent on your office technology. Our company's performance is dependent on preparing and moving that technology safely, seamlessly and timely.

Office Movers, Inc.'s Tech Services Division (TSD), your ISO 9001 certified partner, has crews trained to prepare, pack and protect your valuable computer workstations, printers, scanners, fax machines and delicate electronic devices. As your IT staff concentrates on your network system and infrastructure, our personnel will disassemble and pack all the equipment in your office. These specialized crews will place items in secure containers for transport, accompany them to their new location, and upon final placement, properly reconnect all items and assure they are in good working order.

We offer this service to insure the correct handling of all office technology, and to control the timely delivery and reinstallation so as to limit disruption to your company's normal activities.

Your business cannot afford any downtime; our Tech Services Division will keep you on schedule.

In today's organizational structure, the office workstation and its related connectivity has grown significantly more complex. It is far removed from its status as a stand-alone personal computer; it has become an integral part of the communications and information-processing environment. The technology on every desktop is the enabler for information flow. Without it, data cannot be accessed, communications chains are broken, and work processes come to a halt.

Office Movers, Inc., since its inception over 40 years ago, established proven competencies in handling and relocating a wide variety of delicate and sensitive equipment associated with a technologically dependent organization. This has evolved beyond simply unplugging and transporting the equipment and now includes handling and diagnostic procedures that have been continually upgraded to address the needs of ever-changing technology.

As equipment and the infrastructure surrounding it becomes more significant to the success of your operation, our company has once again taken the lead on assuring your staff will be only minimally affected during relocation. We create and update written procedures, provide specialized handling equipment, and conduct regular training sessions so our personnel can safely disconnect your equipment and install it in your new location according to your schedule. Whether you move across the room or across the region, our professional staff will keep your business operating smoothly.

When planning a move to a new location, companies should conduct a complete technology assessment in order to properly plan and coordinate the relocation of workstation and server equipment. The Office Movers, Inc. Tech Services Division has knowledgeable Project Managers who can assist with an assessment and can help avoid potential pitfalls.

Depending on the size or structure of the firm, some companies consider utilizing their own in-house resources for disconnecting, packing and reconnecting activities. Attempting to do it in this fashion may involve requiring each user to prepare and pack their own equipment, or it may mean utilizing internal technical staff on overtime or during non-business hours to handle simple tasks while critical issues pile up. In practice, neither of these methods ultimately proves an efficient way to get the job done correctly.

Ideally, companies want their workforce at full production at all times. One such method is the insistence of a uniform hard-stop time, a finite time at which the system (and the company's productivity) will be brought down. This naturally leads to a hard-start time upon completion of the de-installation, tagging, packing, transportation and reinstallation phases whereupon the system as a whole is brought back up. The time in between the hard-stop and the hard-start is referred to as the "blackout time" and is totally dependent on a wide variety of factors, some of them in the hands of your personnel and yet others totally out of your control. The degree to which this blackout window can be minimized has a significant impact on your company's productivity (even your company's future) whereas attempting to do everything with limited resources can be disastrous.

Office Movers, Inc. created the Tech Services Division to significantly reduce and control the blackout time.

Relying on users to disconnect and reconnect their computers, monitors, printers and other peripherals is generally unsuccessful. There are a variety of reasons for this. Frequently, connections for power and data are hidden behind desks and other heavy furniture that may need to be disassembled to be moved. And, while users can operate the equipment, competencies surrounding hardware and connectivity are highly varied. The time it takes to disconnect and reconnect, possible damages that need to be addressed, critical connecting pieces and parts that were not packed as a unit, mean that your blackout window is very uncertain. And using internal IT staff diverts them from key tasks related to your network and server applications.

By utilizing our experienced teams to handle the disconnects and reconnects, we can assure equipment is ready to be moved at the proper time, all items are packed and bundled as a unit, each item is properly tagged for destination, and individual system units are brought back on-line according to schedule. While your staff concentrates its efforts on the overall network, our crews will take care of general installation and set-up. By controlling the handling of the equipment and embedding the relocation sequences associated with technology into the overall move plan, we make the logistics between the hard-stop and the hard-start a managed, step-by-step process. Further, we can manage the relocation of specific pieces of equipment in stages, thereby eliminating one universal hard-stop time and instead, allowing various departments or areas within a department to continue operating while other areas are being moved and reinstalled.

Office Movers, Inc.'s Tech Services Division is staffed with trained, knowledgeable personnel ready to assist in your company's office technology relocation. Utilizing our services will result in a seamless, integrated and managed process assuring your business will be operating at full production immediately following your scheduled move.

Our process begins with a review of your IT infrastructure and your business units. While each company will have different requirements and priorities, a typical tech service team engagement is conducted as follows:

  • Meet to thoroughly understand your priorities. Even though the move itself might be divided into multiple stages, there may be differing requirements for the blackout of certain hardware.
  • Critical items are pre-determined for priority move status and are identified as last off-line and first on-line. Once identified, a "hot" truck (a dedicated electronics-handling division air-ride vehicle waiting solely to move the designated equipment) is scheduled and assigned. This assures no delays.
  • Conduct an in-depth walk-through of your existing space exclusively to examine the office technology, verify what is to be moved, and discuss any unusual requirements.
  • Establish target timelines and milestones.
  • Prepare contingency plans in the event of schedule changes, weather impact, hardware failure, system interruption.


Tech Services